Artifact Woodworks
custom furniture




After all the wood is milled to rough thickness, width and length, I’ll cut out all the parts in preparation for joinery.  Joinery is the art of bringing 2 pieces of wood together to form a solid union.  Joinery is always dependent on the project at hand; while some pieces require mortise and tenon joints for strength, others may suffice with a decorative splined miter joint.  Most of my joinery hovers around mortise and tenon and dovetails, both machine and hand-cut.  


Marking and layout

All parts will then go through the marking and layout phase. This is when mortise locations, dovetail angles, and tenon lengths will be established and marked on the boards.  This provides not only a roadmap for my workflow, but the knife lines also serve as reference points for the chisel that will clean everything up after the joinery is cut.  



Traditional joinery methods inflect the work that I do and ensure a piece that will last a lifetime.  During this phase I'll cut joinery based on the specifics of your piece, taking into account its intended use, stress points, and design.  Mortise and tenon, floating tenon, dovetail, and finger joints are some of the different types joinery I draw from.