Artifact Woodworks
custom furniture




Let's talk about your project.  Do you have inspiration from an object that speaks to you? Are you looking for something that will grow alongside your family?  During this initial phase we'll discuss styles, materials, aesthetics, and all those little details that make a piece your own.  We'll assess cost and hours needed to craft your piece and you'll know what to expect from my workflow and the quality of the final product.  I look forward to making something for you.



During the first phase we'll meet in person or communicate via phone/email to discuss different designs, materials, hardware, and finish for your piece.  Either based on something you are currently inspired by or  on something we dream up together, you're sure to have a lasting piece built to your specifications.  



After finalizing a design, I make detailed material and cut lists that I work off of for the construction of your project.  This helps me maximize yield at the lumberyard and provide you with a thoroughly accurate cost estimate.